Ongoing project

Aluminum is amongst the most environmentally friendly metals on the planet.

More and more industries turn to aluminum as a solution to modern manufacturing challenges.

It is a unique metal; strong, durable, flexible, impermeable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and 100% recyclable.

1 billion tonnes of aluminium have been produced since 1886 and 3⁄4 of that metal is still

in use today.

On a percentage basis, it is the most recycled of any industrial metal.


Aluminum is truly the metal of modern life.


But while it is infinitely recyclable, closed-loop recycling has been limited in its use and scale. 

Increasing esponentially every year the production of aluminum, companies will soon have to face a switch from a linear recycling system, to a circular one. 




This project is an investigation into the production process and the recycling system of Aluminum. The aim of the project is that of exploring a possible solution for a small scale circular recycling system. 


If the only form of consumption involved in the process of recycling aluminum is energy, can we skip this step by using the waste coming from the industry and giving it a 'second life/ function’ before it goes back into the loop?